Monday, October 31, 2011

Oct 31st

I experienced Costco tonight!

Oh, what an adventure!  It started out with much jest and hilarity at the anti-consumerist nutritional therapist venturing into the world of super-sized US capitalism right here in our back yard.  I was assured a bag of spinach would be found for me as soon as possible, for me to cuddle and sniff on my way round the never-ending aisles of three-storey high shelves of consumerist eroticism.

I giggled at the size of the trolleys - but even before that, I marveled at the breadth of the lift that took us from the carpark to the store!  I wish I'd taken a pic.  I felt pint-sized! (Moreso than usual.)  We, a friend with our ticket in (you have to be a member, or come as a guest with a member) and another Costco junkie friend, had a wonderful time!  It was a fantastic shopping experience.  Wide aisles.  Busy, but not crowded and all the shoppers were relaxed and happy (perhaps because they couldn't stop giggling at the vastness of everything, too.  Although it was most likely due to the savings they were making).  And the checkout staff member (Sarah) was so pleasant, I almost embraced her!  So relaxed, so calm, so happy to help.  A pure pleasure.

Yes, they really do stock everything from diamonds to sewing machines, okra to tahini (although not ponies it must be noted).  And yes, everything is absolutely super-sized.  The variety was wonderful, the obscure items plentiful and the amount of local and organic produce was much more than I expected.  I'm a convert, 100%.  Just the opportunity to purchase refrigerated drinking coconuts (husks removed) by the box was enough to have me on a high for the rest of the shop (spinach - who needs spinach?!).  I'll be back for the kayak and the compost tumbler another day. 

As I watched my beautiful friend, a single mama of two buttons living on a shoestring, walking with us, comparing prices per unit to the items in the store she usually shops at (pre-printed on two A4 sheets), I felt incredibly grateful to live in a town where quality products are available at prices that make living on not a lot, a whole lot easier.  I think of my own mama who raised three buttons on not a lot, in a small town with little choice and wonder how excited and grateful she may have felt at the choices laid before us tonight.

This woman is openly humbled by her prejudgement and scorn.  Wonderful, wonderful reminder to make up your own mind based on your own experience - and not on something you assume to be the case *smile*.  And you know what - not one Halloween prop could be seen ANYWHERE!

Which reminds me - Happy Beltaine!

Boomshanka to all in the business of baby-making.
"May the seed of your loin be fruitful in the belly of your woman"
Blessings to all, from down under.

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