Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1st

Happy Autumn folks.
And happy Spring to the Northern Hemispherians! *waves*
Crikey.  Wasn't much of a summer was it?  I think I wore woolens more than I wore my bathers.  Although in saying that, I didn't miss the weeks of 40 degree days or the heartache of watching fire rip through communities and lives of those on our doorstep.

This would have to be my favourite season of all.
Warm days, cool nights (almost enough for a crackling fire).
Blustery breezes and leaves in a million shades of my favourite colours.

We went out for dinner tonight!

A totally funky restaurant in the city that serves the BEST food!
Kinda Thai inspired.  Delish!
In fact, so yummy, it completely slipped my mind to take a pic for you, before plunging in, fork first.
But I did have presence of mind to capture an image of dessert.....

We were dinning with a colleague of Ben's - a headhunter to be exact.  But a very nice one!
And his lovely woman.  Dinner and company was such a pleasure.  And we all had such a giggle when we saw the bill folder presented!  Quite original!  Well, I thought so, but then I'm a little sheltered when it comes to big city dining *laugh*.

And I was quite tickled to see their preference of sweetener *smile*
That extra love and attention lavished on patrons - in this instance in the form of organic sucrose, really does make a difference, you know?

Dinner: capital win.
Thanks J and V, and thanks Cookie!

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