Thursday, May 12, 2011

May 11th

Grateful for time with gorgeous friends, especially for birthday celebrations!

I met this woman when our babes were less than six weeks old - at the notorious first mother's group!  So many horror stories abound with these groupings.  And there is something to be said for just because you happened to have sex and conceive within weeks of each other, and you live in the same postcode, does not mean you will have ANYTHING in common.

However, we got lucky.  Awesomely lucky.
There were seven mamas and eight babies in our FMG.  Six of us STILL catch up!  The seventh doesn't because she now lives in Queensland.  Five of us all ensured our babes went to the same kinda (when there were five to choose from), so we could maintain regular contact.  The sixth didn't because she had moved suburbs.

We have shared some soul-baring stuff in the last four and a half years, as mothers do - usually over a bottle of bubbles or two, invariably with cake.  I treasure the friendships of these women immensely.

Thank you Andrea, for sharing your very special birthday with us this afternoon.  I adore wonderful reasons for eating chocolate mud cake and drinking effervescence of the pink variety!  And you are ONE HECK of a wonderful reason.  xxx

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