Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 21st

frieWOW!  Where do I begin??!!

What an awesome day!
The first of the seamstresses crossed the threshold just before 11am and from there, the house filled up pretty quickly.  Machines were all lined up.  Fabric was grouped.  Iron was switched on.  The first and only tutorial for the day was briefed.  Then away we went!

The group energy in the workspace and in the house was so beautiful to be a part of.  Seven adults and four children filled what was a relatively small space, with the noise of sewing machines, coffee machines, seven-way conversations and children voicing their needs - all at once!  Yet, it felt relaxed, constructive and organised.  

 Jobs were detailed and everyone selected a role they felt like doing.  Patterns of pads were traced onto cloth and cut.  Cloth cut outs were then sewn and turned.  Sewn cloth was then pressed with the raw edge turned under.  

 Patterns of boosters and PUL were traced and cut out.  PUL was then stitched onto the booster.  The booster was then overlocked. 

Cloth bunting, courtesy of cotton tightarsery.

The open end of the pad was then sewn closed, where I learned the most amazing thing!  Cotton tightarsery!  Have you heard of it??!  The saving of cotton (and time!) by running your next project under the needle, right up against the one you've just done!  Genius!  THIS is one of the reasons I LOVE crafting in groups.  The things you learn!  Another friend of mine today learned that the top stitch comes from the reel cotton and the bottom stitch comes from the bobbin cotton.  So, if you are stitching two items together that are different colours, you can match threads *grin*.  She was positively stoked at that revelation.

Anywhere, back to cotton tightarsery...!  I was so thrilled in learning this concept, all I talked about for the rest of the afternoon was tightarsery.  In all honesty, I loved the word as much as I loved the concept *laugh*.  So, thank you Veronica!  I will remember you forever, for that fantastic introduction! *grin*.

Then the final step in finishing the pads - the attaching of the snap press studs and...

So far, we have stitched together a total of 88 cloth pads and 26 boosters.  A huge, awesome effort.  I'm so excited.  The magic number I had in my head to begin with was 100.  So, I have a little more work in store *smile*.  Which to be honest, is not actually work.  I have thoroughly enjoyed every part of this process.  I'm looking forward to stitching up a few more *smile*.

Not too long after the sewing goddesses had bundled their machines and children into their cars and zoomed off home, I was blessed with the company of two gorgeous women (and one scrumptious wee boy) for dinner for three in-house.  *sigh*

Dining in is such a wonderful concept.  Especially when your dinner date brings with her all the ingredients to make a divine Thai chicken curry, then promptly takes over the kitchen while you sit watching in delight, sipping white wine.  I know!  How ace is my life??!!  *laugh*

Delectable food, sprinkled with fabulous conversation, followed by more enjoyable conversation and some yarn work (naturally).  We well and truly saw into the next day before my gorgeous guests departed for home.  Such a soul enriching day.  So many delights and so many things to be grateful for.
Some days I feel truly blessed.

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