Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9th

I had been wondering why my craftin' mojo had sojourned someplace else recently...
That was until I had the burning desire to sew today.  So it appears that it's not my craftin' mojo that had disappeared, I just needed to change mediums.  Nice.

I am grateful for my love of craft.
I'm not particularly good at any one skill, but I manage to pull off a fairly decent enough job to encourage me to keep at it, try new things and improve myself - rather than throw everything out the window and claim myself utterly crap with no room for improvement.

These ones are longies, for nighttime catches.

The red strip is terry toweling (absorbent layer), the white is PUL (waterproof layer), the purple is cotton backing (pretty layer) and the red layer is microsuede (wicking top layer).

I first learned to sew, in school at the age of 13.  My mother and grandmother both sewed - very well.  My grandmother particularly.  But she passed before I was interested enough to become an attentive student and learn her awesomeness.  Something I will always lament.  

In my first year of sewing, I created the obligatory pencil case and apron.  But then I tackled something huge!  A sweater!  Reversible - with a hood!  As soon as it was done, my younger sister claimed it, never to return it.  It was one of the proudest moments on my life (her so eagerly coveting something I had sweated, cried and spilled blood over in its creation).  Something I have never forgotten *smile*.

Turning opening still to close via a perimeter stitch, snaps to add, then voilà!

I had some cloth pads waiting to be stitched, cut out many moons ago.  So today I got them out and stitched them up.  I got most of the way through, before the conversation between Ben and me regarding Ragdoll kittens, turned serious.  Next thing we were on the phone, requesting a viewing for tonight - then in the car, on our way to pick Lucy up, before knocking on the kitten owner's door!

Little Goose, bless her, was apparently frothing at the mouth for the whole half hour it took between us telling her Dad we were coming to pick her up to meet some kittens, and us actually arriving to get her.  She raced out the door as soon as it was opened, forgetting her shoes, talking a million miles a minute.  Then when we got her shoes on her feet, she was on her way to the car, tripping over her half undone laces.  I think she was excited *laugh*.

We sat down on the floor and allowed the kittens to play around us.  There were two litters - two kittens still available from Lu Lu's litter and five kittens from the most recent litter.  Lucy immediately fell in love with a tiny white, white kitten with huge round eyes.  We wanted two and we wanted a female and a male.  There was only one male in the second litter and he happened to be the kitten curled up in Ben's lap *melt*.  We played for about 45 minutes, but it was fairly clear who our new family members were. 

We're still in negotiation over names, but I'm lovin' Lily and Jasper.  Two names I have loved for many years and had earmarked for more children.  And these two darlings are the next best things!

 Lily, our blue lynx bicolour

Jasper, our chocolate lynx point boy

These wee babes were born on the 27th of February and they need to weigh a kilo before they can be de-sexed.  And we can't bring them home until that happens.  We're told they *should* be ready (weight gain dependent) in about two weeks.  Something tells me it's going to be the longest two weeks of a wee girl's life *smile*

In other news, we purchased some soft paws tonight.  Here's hoping they will help save our legs, arms, sofas and rugs from Moo's scratching!

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