Thursday, May 12, 2011

May 12th

"I love you" and "cuddles".

That was the theme song for today.  And it was on repeat pretty much non stop.
My girl is my velcro baby.  The in-arms babe that was happiest on my back, at my boob and in my bed.  She's now off the boob, only occasionally on my back and still in my bed.  And she's still my velcro baby.  Especially when she's ill.

"I love you, mama".  "I love you too, baby".
"Cuddles".  "Of course".

So, our playdate plans were forgone for the day and we spent the better part of it curled up on the sofa, Lucy in my lap, Moo in hers, blanket wrapped around us, surfing the net.

"Mama, can you show me the rain radar for Melbourne?"
"Sure, babe"
"Mama, can you show me the rain for Brazil?"
"Sure, babe" *smile*

"I love you, mama"
"I love you too, baby"
"Of course"

When there wasn't royal wedding recaps on repeat, there was vomiting.
When there wasn't vomiting, there was a whole stack of sleeping.
When there was sleeping, mama was doing laundry *smile*.

My Goose is very rarely ill.  So it's odd for me to see her so inactive.
While I find it bothersome that my plans for the day were rescinded, I am grateful for being able to dedicate my entire day, time and energy into just caring for my girl.  No other demands - household tasks are able to be placed on hold.  No other children (and the cat snuggled with us).
Just her.  Just me.

"I love you, mama"
"I love you too, baby"
"Of course"

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