Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 8th

Clothes shopping.
But not for me!

Ben begins his new job on Wednesday and to his horror, the dress code is corporate casual.  I have known this man for eight and a half years and I have never once seen him in a shirt with a collar - including the day he was married (in which he wore a tee shirt, sarong and bare feet).  As for a suit jacket or trousers.... well, let's just say he's never found an opportunity where he needed them (I believe this to be quite a deliberate and calculated move, for the record).

He has always maintained he would wear a suit for work, if the money was right.  Well, guess what.  In his words, be careful what you wish for, eh? *laugh*

So off we went today.
To purchase shirts (with collars), dress pants, leather (closed toe!) shoes, a belt and as it turns out, cufflinks!  Not a tee shirt or pair of fisherman pants graced our dressing room.  What a contrast!  And my, how dashing he looked *swoon*.  He was incredibly grateful for some assistance, having absolutely no idea himself on where to begin (not that I am in ANY way a style queen... I think I have about 2% more of an idea than he does, which in his eyes, is still 2% more *laugh*).

The more shirts he tried on, the less uncomfortable he felt - WIN!
There was no question we were ditching the idea of a suit jacket.  So instead we selected a black suede round collar jacket - dressy, but still a little bit Ben (the man is so not a penguin).

Also, in celebration of his new dress makeover, he purchased a new ear adornment.

Don't you just LOVE?!
I'm so proud of you sweets, stepping outside of your comfort zone - not just in wearing a new style, but throwing yourself into brand new experiences and opportunities.  It's such a thrill and a pleasure to ride with you on this journey.
Thanks for having me *smile* xxx.

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