Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 5th

As promised, back to Scienceworks we ventured.
I can't believe how much we missed yesterday!


 And how much I learned!

 Did you know that?

Or that?!

The food engineering display was one of our favourites.

Above this sign was a screen showing four different foods decaying.  It was fantastic!
And I particularly loved the honesty of the display, photographed below.
Not sure if you can read the words all that clearly, but included in the wall display of where do foods come from, were jelly jubes and red food colouring...

Which then showed they came from the sinew of cows and crushed up beetles!!  Do the confectionery companies know about this???!!!!  I'm surprised the display hasn't been shut down! *laugh*  I absolutely LOVE the no-sugar-coating honesty (sorry, bad pun *laugh*!)

And to top it all off, we received three compliments on Lucy's hat today!
It does look gorg, doesn't it?

I am once again, very grateful to live so close to such fabulous exhibits!  We spent four hours here today and we both loved every moment.  So many buttons to push, levers to pull, handles to turn.  The hickory, dickory, dock sound exhibit had us both in hysterics.  The thrash metal version had us laughing the most!  I highly recommend an afternoon here with your babes.  Oh and if you have the Thai chicken curry pie, just know that it's VERY spicy! ;o)

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