Saturday, May 14, 2011

May 14th

Today we were invited to become active participants in an image transformation of one of our dear friends.  And we had the most amazing day!

Obligatory 'before' shot.

Loz had been contemplating changing her hair into dreadies for many, many moons.  And about two weeks ago, the conversation between her and Ben got serious.  An offer was made and accepted with the click of a mouse and an event was created!

Today was the day of reckoning!
Leading up, Loz had been sharing video clips of techniques she preferred and photos of the size of dreads she loved.  Which was incredibly helpful for the two of us.  Disaster can all too easily strike when the client and the service provider have very different ideas in their heads of planned outcomes.
A list of required items was drawn up, a few helping hands enlisted and a day of fun and frivolity ensued.

L, helping do mama's hair *smile*.

At 11am this morning, we found our comfy positions on the floor, sectioned off the not-to-be-dreaded fringe and away we went.  Throughout the afternoon and evening, our doorway was graced with beautiful people coming and going, excited to be a part of the change taking place.  Our fridge was overflowing with food and wine and the rooms echoed with children laughing and reggae purring (of course).  

By 10pm tonight, we had completed about 80 per cent, with what looked to be about another eight to ten left to do tomorrow.  When we said our farewells, our eyes were red and tired but our hearts were full and well nourished.  

Loz, it was such an awesome gift of trust you gave to us.  We were humbled, and we feel very grateful that you wanted us to help bring about this transformation for you.  We had such a good time - and we can't wait to see the final result tomorrow!  Yay!

End of daily festivities carnage.

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