Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 3rd

It seems the shadow moon worked her magic on me yesterday.
Forced introspection before a new moon creative explosion!

Today was a day of artistic flow.
I have completed about 90% of the static content for the website after today's efforts.  I wrote for about four hours straight.  There is still MUCH to be added, in the way of dynamic content, the information that changes, is added to, updated.  But this is the foundation information, the stuff I wanted to complete first.  It's so exciting to see it coming together.
My hands were aching to create after my brain's busyness.  
I began my raspberry beret last night and today I completed it.
Wow, what difficult yarn to see stitches in!  It's the fat-thin-fat-thin kind of yarn.  It's a good thing it's such a forgiving yarn (due to its irregularity) because heaven knows how I cocked up the first round.  Not that you can tell!  I also ran out of yarn.  And it's the only ball I have (it was a lonesome wee thing, in a basket all by itself, I just had to take it home).  So I quickly started decreasing, waaaay before I was supposed to and thanked the goddesses I had enough to cover the tops of my ears.  Barely.

The pattern I was following was for a slouch hat.  But I was miles off that in respect to yarn quantity.  So I actually got a beret after all!  (I was only calling it that initially cos it sounded cool *laugh*).

Happy New Moon folks.
May your own creativity surge towards greatness, in the abundance and support of our waxing moon.

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