Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May 4th

Grateful for accessibility to ace indoor family entertainment!

Drizzly rain.
You know, the kind that prevents you from really doing anything outdoors, but not heavy or dramatic enough to be viewable entertainment in itself?  That was our afternoon.  Quite a transformation from our sunny, delicious morning (that I slept through the majority of).

I've been wanting to check out Scienceworks for ages.  But I did have concerns that there wouldn't be very many age appropriate activities for a four-and-a-half-year-old (imagining chemistry sets and periodic tables).  After a quick reference to my online community, I was assured there was heaps to entertain her, so off we went!

Getting a feel for how paralympians do it.

Testing strength.  If you can pull more than your weight, you're in the excellent range.
Lucy and Ben both aced this! 

There is an upstairs section for younger kiddies, but Lu spent more of her time downstairs, measuring her arm span, her bicep strength, her reflexes...  We also played ESP games, visual test games, running and cycling games (she particularly liked the skeleton cycling in the sky!).  

 Making our own TV weather forecast

Running through the seasons, literally.

My favourite was working out how much of the right kind of fertilizer and quantity of water to add during different seasons, in order to grow a winning pumpkin!  Very cool.

 Pumpkin growing!

 Suspended cyclist, cycling in response to your muscle power.  Very cool.

Manually operated conveyor belt, taking bricks up to build a wall. 

We spent two hours there, but it wasn't enough.  So we're going back again tomorrow *laugh*.

We finished the evening with dinner, coffee and cake in Williamstown (to avoid driving home in rush hour traffic) and it was just delightful!  Such a lovely, sleepy little suburb wrapped cosily around the bay.  Perhaps we'll take the train and ferry tomorrow, instead of the car.  Now, wouldn't that be nice?!

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