Saturday, May 28, 2011

May 28th

I'm finding, along this journey, that often the things I take for granted, are the things I am most grateful for.  And the essence and purpose of this exercise, in this revelation, is not lost on me*smile*.

I've mentioned gratuity for my car before today.
And today, the car gains kudos again.  I was contemplating on this earlier... can I be grateful for the same thing more than once?  And when you think on it, of course you can!  Quite a ridiculous notion to think that you can't, actually.  I'm grateful for many of the same things day in, day out - Ben for starters.  I think I was trying to create rules for this exercise that are completely unnecessary.  Why would I do that?

I think it's because I like rules.  I like boundaries.  I like structure (even when I comes to plants, the structural kinds are my favourites *grin*).  I think I was feeling that this exercise is far too freewheeling.  Anything goes.  Not clearly defined enough...

I read these words and part of me wants to laugh out loud at myself and part of me wants to keen in grief!  Oh my goddess, woman!  LET GO!  Sheesh.  Relaaaaaax.  Yes, boundaries are important but freedom is absolutely essential!  Sometimes I feel like I'm a wound up ball of yarn in a box, yearning to be a untwisted skein swinging in the breeze...

So anyway, yes.  The car.
We traveled all around the suburbs today, picking up supplies for our wee kitties.  Scratching and resting posts, their preferred food, toys, flushable kitty litter.  The only thing we couldn't get today was the tiered litter trays.  We loaded up the car with huge bags of kittie paraphernalia and a resting post, strapped the other post to the roof of the car and drove 20 minutes home.  Without a car, today would have been a shiteload more inconvenient and expensive.  I love our car.  Have I ever showed you the number plate? 

And it appears our current cat in residence approves muchly of the new resting spots.
Twill be interesting to see how she feels about her new housemates...


After consideration about the multiple reasons to be grateful in any one day, I've decided to go back and tag every post with the thing(s) I'm grateful for in that day.  I think it will be wonderful to, at a glance, see all the things that I find absolutely rockin' in my life *smile*

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