Friday, May 6, 2011

May 6th

Today, Lucy and I fell in love.

We visited our friends Kint, S and X today and were introduced to their new bundle of joy, Lu Lu.  Lu Lu is a ragdoll kitten.  And a most glorious, delightful, snuggly, gorgeous bundle she is!  Lucy was immediately taken with her.  She had been patiently waiting all day for our visit - in fact the first thing I heard uttered at 7am this morning, before I'd even opened my eyes, was "Mama, can we go visit the kitten now?"

And from what I can gather, the wait was well worth it *smile*.

Then, Kint oh so casually, said the most dangerous thing imaginable.  "You know, Lu Lu still has two sisters and a brother that have yet to be adopted".

Lucy's dad is not a fan of cats, whereas I adore them.  So, when my new life began, I wanted very much to introduce a cat into our family, not least because Lucy has been asking for a cat since she became verbal.  Our current puss came to us via our hairdresser.  She was a 2009 Victorian Bush Fire orphan.  And while she's a chatterbox and a smoocher, she's also a scratcher and a biter.  

I wanted very much for Lucy to have a lapcat, one that she could lavish affection and cuddles on.  Our current Moo is a little skittish (understandably, knowing her origins) and while she can handle a cuddle and carry from Lucy on occasion, she has a 10 second limit generally.  She has also taken to hiding around corners in the hallway, awaiting Lucy to pass, so she can leap out at her and scratch (and on occasion, bite) her ankles.  We think it's a play action, rather than a malicious one (as Lucy is often the initiator of play with Moo), but whatever the reason, the result is often tears and terribly hurt feelings ("Why does she want to scratch me, mama?").  And not only that, the instances of anxiety whenever Moo is in the hall and Lucy wants to pass, is on the increase.  And that's just not cool.

So my sole purpose in wanting a cat for our family, has not eventuated as planned - which can often be the case with pets.  Rescuing is always a wonderful choice, but it can come with unknown outcomes.  It's a hard one to weigh up.  I would love to welcome another cat into our family, one with a known temperament, an ideal companion for a button with no siblings.  But at the same time, I don't want to introduce the concept of disposable pets.  If one doesn't work out, get another one, yanno?

How would Moo be with another smoocher?  
Sigh.  Decisions.  We'll ponder on it some more and see what eventuates.

In other news, I had a rare Friday night out!

 The result of intoxicated camera phone photography.  I can't even tell you what I was trying to capture!

Ben's last day at work ended today in drunken raucousness, which I was delighted to be a part of.  It's wonderful to be a part of his professional world.  There are some beautiful people within that world and I love spending time with him and them in it.

Tonight marks a whole new professional adventure for Ben and I'm so excited to be on the journey with him!

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