Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 19th

I am involved in a very special project.

In June, a woman in my community is traveling to Cambodia, with her baby to volunteer with LifeOptions Asia.  An organisation who believes in children and their potential to contribute to change.  Sheree will be working directly with families by teaching them of safe birthing practices, hygiene and encouraging their children to continue attending school.

Many of the girls stop attending school because when they bleed, they don't have sanitary items, so choose to stay home for this time and fall behind in their studies, eventually dropping out, thus continuing the cycle of poverty.

One of the things Sheree is asking for in donations, is washable cloth (therefore reusable!) sanitary pads, enabling the girls to continue their schooling during their cyclical bleed.

I felt very moved to help towards this cause.  Apart from the obvious terrifying thought of not being able to complete my education just because I bleed every month, I have used cloth myself for nearly ten years (in combination with a menstrual cup) and I would never use disposable products again, given the choice.  I  have also sewn every one of the pads I now use.  So this cause was totally doable for me.

Getting started on the cutting.

Today I am grateful for the generosity of friends.
People not necessarily able to spend an afternoon focused on a sewing machine or be surrounded by scissors, pins, needles and oodles of cotton thread due to being responsible for tiny folk - but still wanting to help.  The contribution of fabric, PUL and snaps is just lovely.  And I just heard there's more coming in the post tomorrow!

Looking forward to our day of crafting this Saturday!

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