Friday, May 27, 2011

May 27th

Grateful for new introductions!

And new experiences, as a result.  Meet Tres Leches.

Okay, you're probably going to hate me for that.
But gosh, is it worth it!  (Not you hating me, the cake!)

It was suggested by a friend, as the dessert to bring to our Feast with Friends gathering, as the theme of the evening was Mexican.  Perfectly apt!  Our taco dinner was divine, perfectly accompanied with frozen margaritas and finished just nicely with cornflake sticky goodness and le cake.  From what I could gather from the taste testers, I nailed it.  Which is always nice.  A win in my life of kitchen escapades is always noteworthy to me.  Not sure if I'll make it again, though.  Did you READ the ingredients list???  My arteries were groaning just from licking the spoon!

In other news, I made a trip into the suburbs today to drop off 155 cloth pads, a dozen or so cheesecloth babywraps and a whole bag of new underwear, all donated to make their way to LifeOptions in Cambodia.  I'm really grateful to have had the opportunity to contribute in this way.  I'm seriously considering donating my actual self for a period of a few months, in a volunteer capacity.  Logistics to nut out... but it's a seed that is currently germinating.

I got home from dropping the donated goodies off, to a message that read:
"I've made more top halves (of pads).  Have we got any more bottoms bits?  What shall I do next?"
So, it appears sewing fatigue amongst my village has not been reached yet! *laugh*
Maybe we'll hit that 200 mark after all!?

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