Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 7th

I've decide the wrap I've begun for J is not eventuating as I imagined.
I haven't been following a pattern, other than a concept in my head and perhaps that's my problem.

I love the colours, but the bands of frou frou yarn (the ball on the left), is just not working for me.

Perhaps it's time to find a pattern.
I quite like this idea... 

Hmmm... learning something new... gosh.  It's a time for comfort-zone busting, it seems!

After rising mid afternoon today (all night partying takes all morning to recover these days, it seems), we lazed around for a couple of hours, before heading out on our dinner date!

With much delight last week, we accepted a dinner invitation at the home of a gorgeous family within our wee community.  I know I have spoken on many occasions, how blessed I feel to be a part of this incredible group of people, but I really can't say it enough.  For two people like Ben and me, who were born on different continents to this, who have no blood ties or childhood ties to any soul that is not a plane journey away, community in our immediate vicinity becomes very important.

Our company was suggested for around six pm, upon which we were greeted with wine and cheese then taken on a tour of their very gorgeous home, one they custom built themselves.  After having undertaken a kitchen renovation last year, I cannot even begin to imagine the energy, patience, trust and zen required to build a whole house.  Gosh.  My most favourite room in the house was the master bedroom, which they had created an ensuite almost the same size as the bedroom - with no dividing wall!  The whole space was gorgeous and had a real hotel 'retreat' feel about it, without being impersonal.

Dinner was amazing, roast chook and veg, with freshly baked bread, followed by apple and pear crumble.  As one that spends as little time as possible in the kitchen due to an intense dislike of the main activity conducted therein, I am always so impressed to witness a meal planned, prepared and cooked from scratch, timed to perfection.  Especially with two small (and incredibly adorable!) hurricanes underfoot.

After seeing the bottom of three bottles of wine over joyous conversation, it was time for our journey home.  Two late nights in a row... we may need a week to recover!

Thank you Leah, Rob, T and S for inviting us into your home and breaking bread with us.  We had such a fabulous evening in your company.  We feel truly blessed to share your lives.

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