Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23rd

Today is a very special day in my blogging journey.

Today marks the six month mark of blogging every day for a year.
Gosh and golly.

For a straight A commitment-phobe, I reckon I'm doing mightily fine *grin*.
So today, I am grateful for my perseverance, for my tenacity, for my commitment.
And I am also incredibly grateful for the window into the utter beauty of my world that I have had the opportunity to witness as a result of this exercise.  It really does start to become effortless.  The reframing of a shitty day, to find something to be grateful for.  And the joy in pausing to take stock of the truly wonderful things, regardless of how big or small, that make up the fantastic days.

 We are blessed with so much, yet often appreciate so little.
The consciousness of gratitude redirects your focus.
And I'm finding that such a wonderful gift.

Have you started yours yet?


Just on a side note, here's a couple of pics of my ongoing love affair with tightarsery *grin*.
It's becoming an art form now.
And yep, I'm still stitchin' for Cambodia.  A couple more weeks until our woman flies out!  Heaps of time for more stitchin'!

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