Sunday, July 10, 2011

July 10th

I was blessed with an awesome day today.
But my gratuity kudos goes to Candice and Alleira, for their generous, thoughtful, much-squeeeefullness gift.

LED poi.
Cos, there's no chance in Hades Garden I'll be twirlin' with fire anytime soon.
Last time I picked up a set of poi, I was 12 years old.  
I always wanted to join the Maori Culture group at high school.  But I went to a school with many a talented Maori and I felt like an uncoordinated white girl.  So, I lusted from afar and enjoyed the shows when they were performed.  But often longed for the days in primary school when I knew all the words to all the Maori songs we sang and I used to know how to swing a poi.

So, last night, I tried to find that twelve year old girl.
I found her!  And I'm just as bad now, as I was back then! *laugh*
But I now have an awesome opportunity to learn.  And along with the poi set, came a DVD!

Thank you Candice, thank you Alleira.  I am so utterly grateful for your gift.
I look forward to setting down my drum and picking up my poi when it comes to our twirlin' evenings.

And I look forward to adding to the two bruises I gave myself tonight!

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