Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 24th

We had planned a leisurely lunch for two today.
We had also planned to return home after yoga to shower and tart ourselves up a bit before dining.  Except we walked out of our 90 minute worship and found ourselves too starving to make it home and back again.  So we decided the Mornington sect would just have to look the other way if they were offended by our sweaty, disheveledness.

I was craving wood-fired carbohydrate goodness but Sunday at half eleven left us with few choices.  The spot we found didn't have wood-fired goodness, but they did have my favourite savvy by the glass, so it was a perfectly acceptable compromise.

I was feeling a little *let's challenge the comfort zone*, which is a frequent headspace after 90 minutes of pushing my physical and mental capacities to their limits throughout my practice, so I decided to forgo the safety of a lamb salad and instead ordered the seafood platter (minus the oysters).

Seafood Platter, for one (apparently).

This is me asking "are you serious?  I ordered the platter for ONE!"
(I had no idea he took this shot, but it illustrates my incredulity perfectly)

And aside from wincing at the ridiculous amount of food that arrived, knowing a fair amount would be wasted, I really enjoyed my lunch and it felt good to have taken a risk (for me) and have it pay off!

Grateful for feeling the fear and doing it anyway *grin*
(Oh and yes, I did have a chat with the chef...)

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