Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 3rd

Oh, how I adore thee.

I received another speeding fine in the post earlier in the week.  It appears I spend far too much time looking at the road, and not enough time checking my speedometer.  *le sigh*  Whatever the case, I decided to get proactive about this situation and initiated a conversation with Ben about what to do.  His first suggestion was an application for the phone, that cross referenced GPS coordinates and determined my speed, then ideally, sounded an alarm to tell me if I was traveling more than the speed limit for that road.  Genius!

And this is what he found in his search for exactly that!

Whenever we enter a road, we touch and hold the designated speed and it stores it - AND remembers it for the next time you're on that road!  Brilliant!

We tested it out on our way to our dinner date this evening.  The alarm was fairly quiet, so not sure what to do there.  Ben suggested emailing them to see if any future upgrades would include a volume control.  I intend to get on to that.  Yep.

And - yes!  We had the pleasure of dining with a gorgeous family this evening.
I was blessed with lots of cuddles, giggles and story telling.
And dinner was divine - traditional Arabic dish, quite piquant!  I loved it.  AND I had a one-one-one tutorial on how to do a wrap and turn with my WIP, the knitted cardi, which turned into not actually being a wrap and turn at all.  I was shown a much easier (and more attractive) alternative.  Honestly - why to pattern writers make things so difficult?  Is it a one-upmanship?  Kinda like "if you can work this out, then you're ace like me"?  I'm attempting to plant seeds in the mind of my friend to go into pattern writing.  At last mention, she went all dreamy-eyed, thinking of a rather delicious man who does pattern writing for men, in the US.  I don't recall his name, I was too busy being amused by my friend dissolving into a pool of goo on the sofa.  I shall keep you up to speed on my progress here, cos I reckon her patterns would rock and you might just like to bookmark her Etsy and Ravelry pages, once they're up and running.

So - lots to be grateful for today.
Yep.  Life is ace!

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