Friday, July 8, 2011

July 8th

Harmony within the ranks.

It happened today.
Well, it may have happened before today, but today we saw it with our own eyes - AND it happened for a long enough period that we managed to capture it on camera!

First the nuzzle right up close to each other.  Lily was already in my lap and Moo just jumped in, on top of Lily.  Lily just looked at her (I thought she might have wriggled a little bit!  Moo looks heavy!).

Then the getting comfortable... STILL closer to each other in a relaxed state than any of us have ever seen!

Then came the sniff!!!!

Moo actually started grooming Lily!  It was such a cool moment.
A few minutes later, Jasper momentarily gave up his screen obsession and perched atop my opposite knee and began pawing Moo, as she cleaned herself.  She ignored him at first, then turned to groom his paw!  He didn't think much of that and kept moving his feet until she got the message.  She resumed cleaning herself and then he then rested his paw actually on her head (I was trying so hard not to jiggle them with my laughter!).  His audacity astounded me!  It didn't last more than five seconds, before she turned and hissed at him.  And fair enough too.  I told him it most likely felt quite oppressive for her and that it best if he didn't try that one again (especially in a house where females outnumber males five to two.
Did you know, that when a cat meets his nose to yours, it's a sign of intimacy and affection?  Kinda the equivalent of a cat kiss.  How sweet is that :o)

Grateful for an olive branch or two amongst our feline furbabes.  We may just have our dream of the four of them sleeping together, yet!
Oh, and our accommodation booking for our getaway in less than four weeks was confirmed today.  *sigh*  Warm, tropical, sandy, salty, sleepy four day goodness.  I feel blissed out just thinking about it...

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