Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25th

We're not long home from an evening out together.
A Northern Indian buffet at our local Indian restaurant followed by a few hours of pool and bowling.

We had a marvelous time.  And you know, the thing I think that makes it that much more enjoyable, is both our ability to disconnect from ego and play without competitiveness.  I'm quite choosy about who I *play* with.  The intensive energy of someone intent on winning (and often it's just competitiveness with themselves, not even with the people they are with) makes me quite uncomfortable.  It takes the fun out of play for me.  It takes the enjoyment out of the company for me.  So when I'm around that kind of energy, I end up having a really bad time.

It stems mostly I imagine, from the societal belief that failure is the ultimate in doom.  Whereas my view on failure is the wonderfully clear demonstration of how not to do it next time.  Ben and I share similar views in this arena, predominantly in business and personal endeavours.  But as occasions such as tonight (and others like it previously) show, in traditionally competitive sports too.

This evening I am grateful to have a partner to play with, where play is just that - play.

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