Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19th

Tonight I'm grateful for completing two crafty projects I've had on the go for a wee while.  I used to thoroughly look forward to craft night for the catch up and wind down.  Now I really value the time for 100% dedication to crafting.

I literally do not find the time to pick up my needles at home anymore.  A&O completely dominates all alone-time.  And my time with company, is well, time with company!  So, out of the four yarn projects I had on the go this morning, only two remain.

Kinda hard to tell, but it's a green sheep.  There's a story about that...

And the last of my custom hats.  Think I'll add a couple of flowers though, just in case the wearer finds herself in the mood...

Speaking of completed projects.  Although I am only posting questions one week out of every two for the moment, my plan is still to answer one per day to keep and post at a later date.  Today's question was fantastic!  I very much enjoyed researching it.  In fact, I went a little too far I think and included way more information than was actually necessary.  But it was just so interesting!

I am very grateful for the fantastic hard copy resources I have at my disposal when it comes to fleshing out the concepts in my head.  These were part of my arsenal for today's task!

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