Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 2nd

Tonight, I'm grateful for the generosity of community.

I have been contemplating transitioning to vegan again, but the FODMAP sensitivity thing has been holding me back.  I have done vegan before, experimentally.  Nothing long-term.  I found it hard to maintain the commitment without in-house comradeship.  That and I love goats feta more than a person really *should*.

Many things have been redirecting me back along that path, but the thing that has been holding me back, is concern about insufficient protein sources, when meat, eggs, dairy, legumes and most grains are off the menu.  Woman cannot survive on nuts and seeds alone - or can she?  The lack of variety, I fear would contribute to culinary boredom.  And I know I would find it hard to maintain my ideals, in the face of laziness.  I have no problem admitting that to myself.  I have very little tenacity at times.

I put it out to my community tonight, via the wonderful medium of Facebook, and I was flooded with support.  Links, blogs, forums, books, supplements.  And most importantly of all, conversation prompting a change in perspective (again!!  I know!!) in the way I have always viewed protein.  When I studied (and this perhaps may be outdated by now), I recall learning a person requires a slab of protein matching the size of their palm, per day.  So, I imagine laying out almonds to cover the surface of my palm and I feel all nutted out.  This is of course, a simplistic view of the conversion... but it's the image that filled my mind.

So, I now feel a little more equipped to investigate a little more seriously, the next step in this transition.  And I have a comrade in Ben!  BONUS!!

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