Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 27th

"Mum, I wanna watch a (DVD) show."
"Sorry, love.  No."
"But I really want to.  Pleeeease?
 "Goose, my answer is no."
"Oh!  PahLEASE!  Dad lets me."
"And that's what happens at Dad's house.  In this house, it's not okay with me.  Sorry."

Five minutes later, after I had finished putting away the groceries, I find this:

She sees me taking a picture... "Come help me, Mum.  I'm painting a turtle shell and it's going to take me AAAAAGES without help."  "Sure, love *smile*.  I'd love to."

In other news, look what I found today!

The second image showing a size comparison with our cutlery.

Granted, there's only one of each in a set, but it's not plastic and it's a great size for wee hands!  Why doesn't anyone sell a child sized cutlery set??  (Or if they do, why haven't I found it yet?!)  In most households, there's at least the same number of children as adults, if not moreso.  Why must we buy individual knives, forks and spoons (with the copious packaging that comes with the necessity of buying individual sets)?  Do manufacturers think children only eat once a day?  Or that parents do dishes after every meal (or every day for that matter??!!)?  

My child has been using a knife and fork since the age of two and her hands will most likely be ready for adult size and weight cutlery by the time she's ten or so I imagine.  So that's eight years of using what exactly?  This particular issue has been a bugbear of mine for years. So anyway, I was most pleased with my find (thanks Aldi!), even if I did have to purchase two, with all the wasteful and unnecessary packaging.

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