Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 28th

Grateful that there are people in our world who think like this.  Grateful that there are people in our world who think outwardly enough to share these thoughts with those around them.  And grateful that I have the means to receive these thoughts and share them with my world.

I'm seeing demonstrations in my personal world at the moment, of power superseding love.  Of power being wielded in the form of exclusion, of manipulation, of untruths.  Of fear of consequences paralysing authenticity.  Of love being sacrificed to save face.

It's quite saddening.
But it is what it is.  People operate predominantly to maintain personal safety.  Despite actions that bought them to that place causing hurt.  Despite opportunities to right wrongs.  Despite the probability of unconditional understanding and grace on offer.  A person will more often than not, choose self-preservation and maintaining the semblance of integrity (even if they know it to be false), over admitting wrong doings and risking a fall.

To err is to be human.  To acknowledge error and take responsibility for consequences takes strength, courage, remorse and humility.  To seek to mend wrongs, to give love and be open to receive love demonstrates a heart that favours the power of love over the love of power.

Why do we find this so hard to do?

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