Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 26th

Today, I am grateful for the creative, artistic and passionate pursuits of women I admire.

Meet Taylor and Felicia (and their babies).

Taylor is a gift for my niece, my sister's child, who came earthside six years ago today.  And Felicia is for Lucy's fifth birthday in September.  It's apparently quite extraordinary for freckles to appear on the palms of hands or soles of feet.  My niece and my child both share an extraordinary attribute.  They both have a freckle on their right palm - in exactly the same spot.  My sister and I don't share this biological mark - it's utterly unique to our girl children.

My gorgeous niece.  Happy birthday, darling xx

So I have chosen to stitch matching birth marks on the right palms of Felicia and Taylor, to honour the unique and beautiful marks of these gorgeous girls.  This I did tonight, in the company of my crafty women-folk.  I spoke to my niece tonight via Skype, to wish her happy birthday and to explain my gift was late, but it was most certainly coming (in a really big box!).  I'm not sure how much of her reaction was excitement of the coming gift, or excitement of her impending night, camping in a sleeping bag, in a tent, on the floor of her bedroom, with her brother *smile*.  Bless.

I think these dolls are amazing.  To share with the girl children in my life, the normalcy of vaginal birth and breastfeeding, through play with their dolls.  Sure beats the pointy-high-heeled-toes off Barbie, any day!

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