Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 30th

Grateful for a day of fulfillment today!

An early morning blessing to the yogi gods, followed by the collection of a beautiful friend on my way home, then into the big smoke to catch up with friends of old and friends anew over breakfast!  Did I mention it was a CRAFTY breakfast??!!  Oh divine of divine!

Five women and a delectable man clustered around a table, littered with yarn of every colour and ply.  There was a dead fish baby hat in bright rainbow colours (the design meant the opening of the hat was the fish's mouth! Fantastic!), the beginnings of a red amigurumi teaset, a ripple blanket in oceanic colours, crocheted flowers of purple and chocolate, a cardigan in lilac bamboo, neon red winter woolen gloves, a lace poncho in green and a jumper in hot pink.

The breakfast menu at Jorg's alone, was enough to call us 60km from home.  But the lure of spending a dedicated four hours to crafting in fabulous company, with food, coffee (and wine, ahem) available with one nod to the waiter, was too much goodness to stay home and miss!  So many unfinished projects completed and so many loose ends tied up (sorry).  We departed company with intentions to make it once a month - with perhaps a hot springs picnic escapade in our neck of the woods on the agenda.

Driving home, we were still in the depths of the city when I found much delight in this sign:

No more coffee for the next 55km??  Surely they're not serious?!  This is MELBOURNE after all.  Coffee is available EVERYWHERE!  Alas, not along a stretch of 8-lane freeway...  and that's fair enough I suppose (although, I'm sure I'm not the only Melbournian that would support a pittstop along the way for a dose of beanly-goodness... *smile*

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