Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 20th

I read this article a few days ago and it reminded me that I had some coconut butter in the fridge.  Remnants from our summery days of raw.  So I decided to get it out and replace the olive oil called for in our bolognaise recipe, with this much raved about fat.

First impression was the smell, as it was cooking.  It dawned on me as I was walking back up the hall from running the bath, that the house was filling with the most exquisite smell - a smell I hadn't come across before.  I quickly realised it was the coconut fat in the meat mix - not that it smelled of coconut.... it was odd.  But most mouth-watering!

Then it came time for the taste test.
We certainly noticed a difference!  But it wasn't coconut in the same way I would expect if I had tipped my after-shower body milk into the dinner.  No, it was different for sure - but exactly how, I couldn't put my finger on it.  Either way, it was certainly heavenly!

So, I'm so wonderfully grateful for the learning of new things.  For the courage to risk dinner for three (including the fastidious and temperamental taste buds of a 4 year old) in trying something new.  And for the bonus of it paying off!

One other thing I'm grateful for today.
The sourcing of fantastic, quite-out-there, incredibly interesting resources that align with one's passion.
I call this find, a total score.

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