Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 5th

Grateful for experts in their fields.

We attended a feline fun workshop tonight and learned a lot about feline behaviour.  And some great information, debunking myths about toxoplasmosis in pregnancy, which I look forward to sharing on the A&O page later in the week.  I thoroughly enjoy spending time with knowledgeable people who are generous with their information - as is the case with Dr Nicole Hoskin, the vet at Prahran Veterinary clinic who conducted the workshop tonight.

We took the kittens along, for demonstration and cuddling purposes, but they spent 90% of the evening huddled in a corner, under a cupboard.  We learned a few tricks about preventing them from jumping on the bench - such as they do not like sticky things on their feet.  So we plan to cover the edge of the bench in double-sided tape for a week or so, to prevent them jumping up.  And when they do, entice them down with a treat and reward them on their return to the floor.

We also learned how to train cats to use the toilet.  I love this idea.  Considering we have three inside cats and they live to about 18 years of age, on average.  That's a lot of poo scooping!  Apparently there's a lot of tutorials on You Tube to help!  Looking forward to researching that a bit more :oD.

Will let you know how we fare. ;o)

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