Friday, June 10, 2011

June 10th

When you get an envelope in the post that looks like this:

Your first reaction is usually of the sympathetic nervous system variety.

Now, I'm one of those kinds of people that rips that baby open as fast as humanly possible, to see what trouble I've gotten myself into, without realising.  As opposed to the other type of person, that hides the envelope and its contents from themselves for as long as possible, fretting and fussing and scenario-conjuring and all the other typical ulcer-manifesting behaviours that accompany contemplating the terrifying unknown.

And guess what I found?!



No!  I wasn't expecting it!  Hence my shock at identifying the envelope!  Ben registered the new business name for me and, well, it was unbelievably fast in arriving!
Wait - I didn't tell you about the new business name?
Ohhhhhhhhh.  WELL!
(I can't believe I haven't told you about this, yet!)

You'll recall a few days ago, my lament about dragging my feet regarding the business.  I couldn't quite work out what it was that was causing the boredom.  And to be honest, I still don't know as I still haven't given myself the quiet time I need to contemplate and see what is revealed.

But somewhere in the last couple of days, I decided to just bite the bullet and start a Facebook page dedicated to the business.  Kind of like a precursor to the website, once it's built and operational.  I want somewhere to start sharing information, even without generating revenue.  Because that is essentially the reason I do what I do - is to share and hope that is then shared and shared again.  And a Facebook page is simple to create and provides almost instant access to trillions of people that may want what I've got available.

So, it was decided.  I needed a new identity.  Every other name I had come up with in the past, was relatively descriptive (cos, honestly, how do you find one name that encompasses both nutritional and fertility health?  Nigh on impossible), but so BORING!  So I enlisted the help of a very talented wordsmith, who also, quite conveniently happens to be a wonderful friend.  Her very first response to me was "_________ & _________".  

Immediately I LOVED IT!  It was quirky, funny, a play on a phrase and best of all - so applicable to both fertility and nutrition! Look (or think, even!) no further.  We have a winner.  The woman is a genius (thanks again, Sazz ;o). The domain name was available.  But after mentioning the name to Ben, wasn't available for very long *grin*.  I was on such a high.

The creation of the page was underway - then I hit a snag.  In order for the page to work, 'likers' needed to be able to send me a personal message.  Default Facebook settings don't allow you to do that.  Enter my programming genius.  "I'll just write one for you".  *jaw-drop* *heart-pound* *melt*

So, info is being added to the not-yet-published Facebook page.  Once the button is operational, the page will go live and the awesome business name will be revealed at the same time.  The website itself is still under construction and a lot of the content will be shared between both once the site is also live.  I think most businesses create a website first - then a fb page.  Unsurprisingly, I'm doing things all about face. 
Stay tuned :o)

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