Friday, June 24, 2011

June 24th

Grateful today, for time spent with my incredible girl.

Lucy is so patient with my hour of work I need to do every morning.  I feel the hugest surge of gratitude when I hear her singing away to herself, happily painting in the adjoining room while "mama does work".  She asked me this morning, why I do work.  And the answer, for most likely the first time ever in my life was, "because I enjoy it".  And, I explained, because I'm helping people.  Which is not unique to positions of my past (everyone needs a babysitter, new shoes, their dishes washed, their motel room cleaned, a beer, a meal, a flight, a mobile phone, and an income support payment from time to time). But with this work, I really am enjoying myself.  Which is a pretty great thing right now, considering it's not currently generating any revenue!  I digress...

Our morning today was a cafe date, enjoying the gorgeous company of a new friend.
We sat and chatted for nearly two hours and my darling child sat, sung, drew pictures, practiced letters, gave me cuddles, made our company and me giggle, and just downright rocked my world with her patience and perseverance.  Because, let's face it - adult conversation is not really all that interesting, unless you're a participating adult (generally).

After our wonderful coffee date, I trundled her with me, on my errands - from the drycleaners, to the op shop to buy a milk jug, to the toy library (not for fun stuff!), to the store to replace a teapot and tea set that was broken last night.  We found a new tea set - and stocked up on new dress-ups and cotton (cos you can never have too much cotton), all and all spending well over an hour browsing this huge store.  It wasn't until she looked up at me from under her new wide-brimmed races hat and mentioned she was hungry that I realised it was half past two and I felt immediately dreadful that I had neglected to feed my child!

Fifteen minutes and two ham salad sandwiches later, we were sitting at our island bench, and I found myself marveling at how utterly, deeply and completely I was lovingly besotted with this child.

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing dress-ups, making snails, hearts, globes and dice out of fimo and watching every species under the sun giving birth on You Tube.  Her idea of a perfect afternoon.  (Did you know that some sharks birth live young??!!)

I am so grateful for this wee woman in my life.
I absolutely adore the age of four-five - where everything is analysed in the most lateral and fascinating way.  Where no subject is taboo and no opinion voiced too loudly.

Thank you my little Goose.
For sharing your world with me and for putting up with me in yours.
Forever loving you, your mama xxxx

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