Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 26th

Sunday is very much a work day for me, rather than a play day.
Saturday is our day to hang out and laze around - which just at the moment feels incredibly indulgent and almost a little negligent!  But I'm working hard to remain in the moment of relaxation - rather than think about work.

I actually wrote our a to do list today, as I was thinking about the things I wanted to accomplish.  There were eight things on it and I achieved every single one of them.

1. Update preconception gender selection e-guide
2. Convert to pdf
3.  Upload to facebook page (with Ben's help)

4.  Profile superfoods and upload to facebook page (with Ben's help)

5.  Launch latest offer to 500th liker (with Ben's help)

6.  Bring in bookcase
7.  Re-catalogue books
8.  Finish tidying Lucy's and my room after yesterday's rearrange

I then rewarded us both with an espresso martini.  We've been talking about making ourselves one of these since we first tried one during a night in the city many moons ago.

It was better than I remembered!

Today, I'm grateful for a day that seemingly had 30 or so, 75 minute hours in it.
I guess that happens when you manage to capitalise every single moment.

Even if those moments are lying on the couch with your feet up :o).

Oh - and yes, the wheel did come with an extra bit!
(I forgot to photograph it.)

Heavens knows how it all works, but I'm looking forward to finding out *grin*.

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