Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 8th

I received some ultimately wonderful news today.

I say ultimately, because initially it seems crazy ironic.  Lucy's dad has suggested I become majority carer next year, for when Lucy starts school.  One of the (many) reasons I'm not a fan of Lucy entering the schooling system, is the time pressure.  At the age of five, I don't think it's a healthy thing to get her up to an alarm, coax a suitable amount of protein and carbohydrates into her body, rush to dress, rush to groom, rush out the door - all within a 2 hour time period, then sit in traffic for 20 minutes in order for me to deliver her to the institution I have painstakingly chosen for her, that I believe will damage her least.

One of the other things I dislike about the schooling structure is the systematic setting of homework.  Yep, even at five.  At five, it's reading the book she's chosen from the library.  Never mind the idea that at five, she may not be ready to read.  Never mind that the regular daily practice of sitting down together to read a book that she may not be able to grasp, may set up all sorts of failure mindsets in my already self-flagellating child.  *sigh*

So, yes.  The irony that I will now be the person dancing this school dance that I don't want her to be a part of, is not lost on me.  But I did say 'ultimately'.  Because having Lucy during the week will be wonderful.  I will be a part of her daily life (despite the fact that it will be school focused) and I love that.  

I am trying really hard not to concern myself with the fact that my time with her during the week, when she's not at school and not preparing for school, or debriefing from school, not eating dinner, preparing for bed or sleeping, is not what I would consider a great amount of quality time.  I'm trying hard not to feel ripped off by the two full uninterrupted weekend days of quality time that her father will have with her.  I'm trying reeeeeeally hard.  I'm sure by January, I'll have a handle on it.  Somewhat.

In other news, we seem to have narrowed down our schooling search to two schools.  Which makes the task a little less intimidating.  One of the schools we are looking at shares the International Baccalaureate style of learning.  I'm still learning more about it, but I like what I've read so far.  The aspect that particularly sits well, is the awareness the children receive at a global level.  In IB's words: "... help (students) develop the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalizing world."  It is essentially, an international education.  Which I gather means, if Lucy decides she wants to study university in Paris (this school has French as their LOTE), her high school qualifications through IB will grant her access, grades dependent, naturally.

Contrastingly, the other school we are considering, is totally community focused.  They have farm animals and vegie garden the children tend.  There is a fully implemented recycling program - from plastic buckets in all the classrooms for food scraps to feed the goat and chickens - to solar panels and water tanks.  The question is, which suits our child best.  How on earth do you know that at five?  My first instinct is the community school.  Vegie gardens and recycling are the closest things I have to a religion.  She is animal mad and would flourish in this school.  As far as future prospects go and a learning style I resonate with, the international school wins hands down.

I am thinking, after cathartically purging just now, that we can do the vegie garden and chook thing at home.  We've done it in the past... if I'm a stay at home mama next year, it's absolutely feasible that I can do it all again....  Hmmmmm...

Sew (sorry!!), we were in the paper yesterday.  Not buried on the back page and the pic of menstrual pads was included - so that's a win in my opinion!  Great exposure for Sheree and LifeOptions.  I hope it stimulates some more donations.

And just some final melting moments from the kitties today :o)

I hope they always sleep like this.  I love how close they are.  The energy is so harmonious in the house.  Such gorgeous wee fluff balls.

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