Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 14th

I went to bed last night with a 'like' count on the new page at 70.
I woke up with a 'like' count of 95.
Just on going to bed tonight, the count was at 202.

Oh.  My.  Goodness!
And the responses and feedback - both on the wall and via *Ask A Question* have been so beautiful, so supportive, so encouraging, so heartwarming!  The feeling of having manifested something for so long, to see it come to life and literally grow before your very eyes - is profound.  I can barely believe it's real.  Apart from the fact that I spent all of today, sitting around a computer screen, interacting with a brand new world, keeping up with comments and posts and questions as fast as I could...!

By five pm, I needed to stretch.  I picked Ben up from the station and raced to yoga.
Which ended up being mostly a waste of time!  He hadn't eaten in six hours, so almost passed out in a backwards bend.  And for some reason, my balance was all out and dizziness struck me 20 minutes in, every time I stood up.  We both spent the majority of the class in savasna!  Oh well, we were warm at least.  We both came right once we were out of the heat.

Then it was a quick (which turned into a not-so-quick) check on the A&O page and checking some technical requirements with Ben, then off to craft with my women.
I got to hold a squishy babe for the first 20 minutes or so, finished the row I was knitting, then realised I'd left the pattern at home.  Planning fail.  *sigh*

Once I stopped for five minutes, I realised I was completely knackered.  It was nice to just sit for a bit and join in the fabulous natter, without having busy hands.

Many things to be grateful for today - the love and support of community and the ease at which that love is shared and spread.  And of course, an all time favourite - the opportunity to share the ramblings that take up so much space in my head *smile*.
A glorious day and a sumptuous evening.
Now, time for bed *yawn*

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