Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 18th

Our Solstice Gathering.... 

Winter is a time when the earth slows down, there is less light, making it the perfect time for hibernation. Winter is the time for planning, for introspection and the incubation of ideas.

It is also the time of death.
A powerful time to set your intention to remove something from your life that is no longer serving you.
We asked our loved ones to gather their partners and children and join us for mulled wine and a wee winter solstice ritual.  We asked them to bring with them, written on a piece of paper, that thing they wanted to see banished from their life forever.  Our plan was to collectively cast our burdens into the pit of fire, permanently severing their ties to us.

We welcomed in the darkness and released that which no longer served. 
We danced, we drummed, we drank wine infused with passion and power.

It was an extraordinary evening.  Filled with laughter, love and passion.

Thank you again, to all that gathered and celebrated with us.
I am forever grateful for the beautiful people in my life.
Blessed be.

Some pics for your viewing pleasure, of our incredible entertainment.
(Our friends are so talented!)

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