Sunday, June 5, 2011

June 5th

Grateful for ticking a box on my 'to-do' manifesto 
(it's sooooo much more than just a list).

More than two and a half years ago, I added myself to a mailing list for the Travelers Amulet.  Since then, I have been lusting after the freedom, funds and timing to complete about three of the workshops Judy runs.

Today, I completed the first.
I created my very own Shamanic hoop drum.
And I was so completely stoked to share the experience with Ben :o).

The drums are used as healing tools and each drum taps into the medicine of its personal animal totem.  Through me, my drum called to the Lynx today.  Learning about the healing totem of the Lynx was both astonishing and reassuring.  Astonishing due to the accuracy of my apparent attraction and reassuring that, in spite of my best efforts from the age of nine, it's not something that I can run from or chose not to embody.  It is here to stay (whether I choose to embrace it, or not).

Workshops like these are magic for the soul.
So nourishing, so enriching.
The best way to spend a Sunday - I absolutely, highly recommend.

What was that, you say?  Tell you more?
Ah, that's the thing with the Lynx you see...
She is the keeper of lost magic.  The guardian of secrets.
You'll just have to experience it for yourself...

(Kittens in the pic, L to R were Matilda and Jasper :o)

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