Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 28th

Okay.  I'm stuck.
It was always going to happen, wasn't it?
More than six months of blogging every single day, something in your travels that you're particularly grateful for.  Most days it comes easily.  Sometimes I trawl back through fb, remembering my day, things of significance that happened, awaiting a trigger.  Or, I open up iphoto, and check the photo library on my nexus, for photo inspiration.  Either of those things usually work.

Today - I got nothing.
That is, it's not that I don't have anything to be grateful for.  More, I don't have anything interesting to talk to you about being grateful for.  I'm grateful for LOTS of things that happened today - but you've heard them all before. 

I'm grateful for time alone to work on this fiesty and demanding business I'm growing (but I think I blogged about that yesterday).  I'm grateful for the car to drive me to pick up the cat food they have almost run out of (cos those bags weigh about 3 kgs each and I needed four!  No way I'm walking those babies home!).  I'm grateful for the TMX, to whip up dinner while I continued to work.  I'm grateful for my women-folk, luring me into the night to join them crafting, when all I wanted to do was curl up with my man and get my fix of vampire lustiness, with a dose of choc and red wine.  And I'm grateful for the patience of a gorgeous being, happy to wait until my sister-fix has been satiated, for me to return home and take up our previous arrangement of lusty vampires, choc and red wine.

Aren't you bored of reading the same thing?
This blog started for me, as a way to be conscious about the fantastic things in my life, but I made it public, so you would keep me accountable for daily contributions.  Cos heavens knows, commitment and fortitude are not my strong points.  And if I thought for a minute, no one read this daily memoir, chances are it would have died of natural causes many moons ago.

But you have kept me honest, kept me accountable.
When I'm two days late in posting and I receive polite posts on my fb wall along the lines of "Ahem.  Are we not feeling very grateful today?".  I smile.  Appreciate the love, the affection.  And get my bloggin' mojo on.

So, there we go.  A gratitude acknowledgement for today.
Not very interesting, but still full of immense gratuity for the small things that make my life so rich, so rewarding, so enjoyable.

And I'm grateful for you.  For your company.  Because without you, this most likely wouldn't still be happening.  And I'm getting to the point of feeling quite proud of this achievement.  Only 148 days to go.  Eep!  I think I'll try not to think about it like that.....

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