Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 7th

A day of joyous company, delighting the senses and relieved completion.

Have I mentioned my most recent yarn creation project I'm planning?

Rainbow bunting.

How divine is this?!

So today, in the company of a gorgeous woman, I was led to a yarn colour explosion - and I went a little delirious.  This is what I came home with.

Ben wants to create with me :o).  We are planning to string it up down the hallway.  So much colour, such delight!

Then tonight, I completed A's blanket.  The actual crocheting was completed weeks ago.  The weaving in of the ends though, that was haunting me.  So, tonight being craft night, I figured was a perfect opportunity to hold myself captive, with no where to go, nothing else to do... and stay until it was done.  Which, almost four hours later, it was.

And I had an awesome yoga class this afternoon!  So strong, so powered.  I felt energized at the end of final savasna - rather than needing five minutes to find the strength to pick myself up off the floor.  LOVE those kinds of sessions!

So, grateful for all kinds of things today.
Particularly, for re-entering joy mode.

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