Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6th

I dreamed Lucy was killed last night.

The details are blurry now, but the feeling of devastation that I awoke with, stayed with me all day.  To the point that I had no desire to interact with the outside world.  The curtains remained closed, the room was forcibly filled with moving images and sound, anything to distract from the sorrow that just wouldn't shift.

On an intellectual level, I know dreams are not prophetic.  They are merely representative of something occurring at a subconscious level, symbolic rather than literal.  On an emotional level however, the heart does not rationalize.  It wasn't until much later, that I had the presence of mind to check dream interpretation.

Dreams of death themselves represent transition.
Transition from an awareness of the gross physical to the more spiritual self.  It signifies the unseen aspect of life; omniscience, spiritual rebirth; resurrection and reintegration.  Dreams of the death of a child can symbolize the feelings of innocence lost or may be expressions of waking life restrictions and limitations.  A child dying in a dream can symbolize losing something precious - a project, a goal, anything to which the dreamer has been especially devoted.

Which has got me thinking.  I have been wondering why I have been dragging my feet in regards to working on my website.  I had been telling myself it was because I was busy crafting, sewing et cetera for others in need.  But in all honesty, if I wanted to do the work, telly at night and crocheting hats for others would quite easily wait.

I was actually intending on spending today in thought regarding this exact thing.  But did not have the headspace for anything other than not thinking.  I have my suspicions, and I will take time to see if my suspicions have any footing.  This dream in itself has given me quite a strong message.

So, today I am grateful for messages sent from my subconscious.
Wake up calls, when plodding along with the status quo is no longer serving my highest good.
So, where to from here?

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