Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 4th

Grateful for the ability to help out furry friends in need.

Rufus is a Cornish Rex.
His family are going away for the long weekend next week and he is looking for some company in their absence... and someone to make sure is food bowl stays well stocked and his litter tray less so.
So, he came around to meet the kittens today, just to check for any personality clashes, prior to moving in next weekend.

This isn't Rufus, but it's the best pic I could find of his breed.

I'm not sure if you've ever met a Cornish Rex, but Rufus is a magnificent specimen.  I could stroke his fur all day... like silky soft ripples of velvet.  He's about three times the size of the kittens and about twice the size of MooMoo.  While MooMoo disappeared as soon as Rufus arrived (bless her white socks, she's had a hell of a week of new faces), the kittens came up to say hello and remained curious, despite Rufus hissing out his personal space boundaries.

He disappeared a couple of times and we found him atop a table, basking in the sun at the other end of the house, while his mistress was sipping coffee with us.  It appears separation anxiety won't be an issue.  And if he's comfortable up that end of the house, that pretty much has our three allocations of felines sorted for territory.

In other feline related news, MooMoo is now up to the point of nose touching with the kittens!!  There is still hissing on Moo's part (installation of hierarchy I imagine), but much less frequently.  And she's even comfortable enough to sleep in the same room, while they gallivant about the place.  Which they do.  Often.  Well, when they're not sleeping.  And they seem to be on synchronized schedules with each other.  It's quite amazing.  And it's all go, go, go - then all stop and fall in a heap.  There is no energy 'in between'.  A snap shot of cuteness from today, if you will.

Can you tell who's who, yet?
(Answers tomorrow :oD)

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