Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 23rd

Grateful for the ability to help out a woman in need :oD.

A gorgeous friend of mine is in the early months of her third pregnancy.
You know, that time when everything you eat ends up in the toilet, when you agree to read your three year old a story, so long as it's lying down in bed and you try and remember why you thought going again was a good idea...?

Yes.  And this woman, bless her cotton socks, is still working four days a week.
So, when she casually mentioned the volatile activity of Mount Foldmore in her family room, it was time to step up.  You see, if there's one domestic chore I adore doing - it's folding washing.  Actually, I even enjoy separating, washing, hanging out and bringing in, too.  Just don't ask me to put anything away once I'm done folding.  That's when you're on your own (I can't even do it in my own house).

I arrived this afternoon, delighted to find another mutual friend already elbow deep in delicates. So we had a fabulous ole time, chatting, folding, rescuing folded items from small children and shooing puppies from off the neatly stacked piles atop the sofa.  I love woman-to-woman time like this.  Where tongues are flying as fast as hands are.  Magical. 

And the outpouring of gratitude as you're leaving and then later, via a public forum is very sweet.  Little does she realise, that time in her company is worth every single sock!
For the tenth time, woman - you're welcome!

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