Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20th

Today I am grateful for the courage of my convictions.

For not bowing to my inner good girl and feeling the need to acquiesce just to ensure I please everyone, above all else.  For loving and respecting myself enough to draw a line in the sand and take action to maintain that boundary.  For myself and for the space I have created, a space I am taking great pride in nurturing.

Today I made a big call, and not an easy one.
But as soon as it was done, I immediately felt lighter.
The stress of the past two days was gone.  The stress of potential future shite was eliminated.  I felt happy and comfortable in my space again.  Those feelings alone indicated I had made the right decision.

You see, I don't mind being challenged.  I quite like having different perspectives on the world presented to me, for me to ponder and consider, to compare and contrast with my current views.  But what I don't like, is to be manipulated.  What I don't enjoy, is having a trap laid out before me, just awaiting to be tripped.  But, I'm cleverer than that.  Cleverer than anticipated, it would seem.  So the third strike means you're out where I come from.  No fuss.  No bother.  Just thanks for coming, and see you later.  I don't anticipate a fall out - but if there is, I'll manage it as it happens.

But for now, it's back to the advertised programming *wink*.

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