Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 12th

A special day indeed.

This coming full moon holds special significance for me.  I am conducting a personal celebration, just Lucy and me in attendance.  There will be candles and incense.  There will be ocean and earth.  There will be a very special dish containing more than 30 beads and a box containing more than 20 individual squares of fabric gifted to me.  Each bead and cloth representing the energetic presence of a collection of very special women in my life, that mean so very much to me. 

And today, in personal preparation, I wanted my body stained with henna in the spirit of invoking Barakah, as believed in ancient Islamic mysticism.  No, I'm not Islamic.  But I adore the origin of the purpose of henna.  Henna is considered to have Barakah - blesssings - and is used extensively for weddings and fertility rites, applied for luck and joy as well as beauty.  Barakah is the beneficent force from God that flows through the physical and spiritual spheres as prosperity, protection, and happiness.  Baraka is not a state, it is a flow of blessings and grace.

My full moon celebration is one of moving forward, of refocusing my energies from inwards to outwards.  Of manifesting creativity and abundance through fertility of concepts and ideas.  This full moon is also the closest to our southern hemisphere winter solstice.  A time of letting go of that which no longer serves.  Of relinquishing old habits and patterns.  Of clearing out the coffers and making way for the new.  A time for renewal.

So, I called on a friend.
A very talented friend.  Who generously agreed to meet me for a picnic in the sun to bless me with her artistic skill.  After our feasting was done, as her partner and children played around us, with the warming winter sun shinning low in the sky, we commenced an age old ritual of blessing.

And in three days time, the ritual that was begun today, will be complete and a new phase in my life will begin.  A very monumental time for me.   Monumental indeed.

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