Friday, June 3, 2011

June 3rd

Today played very much like the record of my life of late.

Visits from treasured friends, cooking with a passion and love, crafting for loved ones, snuggling with my girl and smooching adorable balls of fluff.

 My current WIP for Candice and Alleira

I seemed to have lovingly passed my virus along to Ben.  I find it quite amazing how the other tends to fall ill just as the first turns a corner on the mend.  Perfectly harmonized in order for one to care for the other.  While inconvenient and slightly annoying, convalescing for a day or two in order to battle a virus, gives the immune system a work out.  I tend to get about one a year.  Which, from what I've learned about the body, is about right.  Last thing you want is a fully functioning, robust immune system with time on its hands and nothing to combat.  That's when it tends to go looking for work and turns on itself in absence of anything foreign.

So, to help my body out, I like to spend a bit of time licking supermarket trolley handles and eating food I've dropped on the food court floor (leaving it longer than the magic fifteen second rule, naturally).  Okay, alright, I don't actually go that far, but you won't find any of that antibacterial detergent or hand sanitizer crapola in this house.  As I say, I like to give my body a bit of a work out :oD.

Hmmm.  So I guess that's my gratitude highlight for today!
Aside from all the usual things in my day I'm (humbly) grateful for (see second sentence) - I'm grateful for my body's ability to function so successfully, it lands me on my arse for two days straight and forces me to go-slow until it feels I'm once again, ready for action.
Go body!  You are the temple I fall on my knees to worship.
Many thanks :o)

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