Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 30th

I really enjoyed watching Lu reconnect with an old friend today.

These two buttons became friends pretty much from birth.
They spent a lot of time sleeping together, side by side, as their mamas walked and walked them to sleep, in slings on their backs, as their sang their sleep songs in duet.

They spent time crawling after each other and later running after each other.  Sharing and not sharing toys.  Splashing in puddles and wading through mud.

Their worlds have run parallel the last few years, crossing paths only briefly.  So it was pure delight for me to see them today, reconnecting like it was only yesterday they saw each other.

It reminded me of relationships of my own, that have survived changes of jobs, partners, lifestyles, countries.  That pick up where we left off, years melting into moments.  I treasure those friendships, beyond words.  One particular woman I have known and been close to, from the day she was born (she's four and a half months younger than me).  I remember my first day of school.  She lived across the road and came to visit me at morning tea break.  She stood on one side of the fence and I stood on the other.  I remember very clearly, her asking if she could come and play with me.  And I told her "no, because you're not five yet".  I take so much pleasure and delight in that memory - because I have so very few of my childhood.

I have met some incredible people in my travels thus far.  Some that have considered my presence in their life worth the effort of maintaining, despite spanning the Tasman Sea.  These friendships taught me, that relationships of all kinds (not just the romantic kinds), require effort and sometimes a little bit of hard work.  Like a garden, they don't just grow on their own.  They need a little attention every now and then, to not only stay alive, but to flourish.  I used to be under the incorrect assumption that, if it needed work, it wasn't meant to be.  I'm so pleased I learned the reality!  Because I can't imagine my life without some of these people in it.

Friendships full of love are wonderful for the soul, wonderful for the heart.
My life feels so much richer for the gift of friendship.
For every single friend in my life, I am truly grateful.

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