Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sept 10th

I am utterly thankful for continued relationships with my first mama's group mamas.

We met when our babes were less than two months old.  Something the local council offers, to promote community networks among new mothers.  More often than not, the groups fizzle out.  It's absolutely a hit and miss opportunity for connection when the only thing you have in common is shagging around the same time, ten months before.

But our group found some magic.  And right now, we are all celebrating those tiny babes turning five.  And while I don't tend to do pink, ballerina or frou-frou - I have friends, and Lucy has friends that do :o).  So off we went today, my girl the image of a stick of candy floss (or fairy floss, as the Aussies say, which seems more apt in this analogy).  And we had a stack of fun!

I can't believe they are five already! *sniff*

I constantly have opportunities to marvel at the interpretation of the world through my daughter's eyes.
Pass the parcel today was pass the pointe shoe.  And when we got home, Lucy asked me to tie ribbon around her ankles, starting from her shoe, crossing over - like a pointe shoe.  I had no idea she had taken in that much detail of a shoe.  Later, she was showing Ben how to dance like a tree, and the movement and angles of her hands were very specific and very - ballerina-like.  Again, incredible attention to detail in one hour of dancing led by an actual ballerina.

While Lucy and I were enjoying pink and purple fairy bread, party pies and tutus, Ben was working hard in the garden, in preparation for our upcoming equinox gathering.  I came home to wood everywhere, power tools and a grinning, sweaty man on my front lawn.  Most of the infrastructure will be completed by tomorrow, in preparation for the final touches being trucked in next weekend.  Just in time :o).  Can't wait!

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