Friday, September 2, 2011

Sept 2nd

Yogi zen moment number one.

Wake 5am.  Get in car at 5.30.
Discover flat battery at 5.31 due to child leaving interior lights on yesterday.
Cry in disbelief.  Attempt jump by bike (yeah, was never going to work, eh?).
Admit defeat for this morning and call roadside assist.
Still wanna cry.

At first glance, one might think the universe is trying to sabotage my efforts at commitment.  But really, it's just a simple case of shit happens, now deal with it.  I found the whole scenario quite incredulous, really.  As it was, an incredible gift was given to me by Ben, when he offered to be here for Lucy when she woke, make her breakfast, mind her until I arrived home - and work late to make up the late start - all so I could keep to my one-practice-per-day challenge.  The challenge states that you can make up one missed day by pulling a double (two classes in one day).  It's a headspace shift to get yourself committed to ONE a day - let alone two.  But it was a part of my reality due to parenting responsibilities when I accepted the challenge, so I was prepared for it (although not looking forward to it).

So, to have been given this gift.  To have managed to wake, creep out of bed and dress without waking my sleeping child.  To then not even get out of the driveway!  A friend often says "the Divine has a profound sense of humour".  I guess this was one of those times.

This story does have a happy ending though :o)
Midway through the day, I receive a message from my beloved telling me that he would be home by five, so I could make the 6pm class.  The surge of gratuity through my body was electric.  I didn't know what to say to that, other than a million thank yous.  His support for me on this challenge is keystone.  Already, at day two, I wouldn't have been able to maintain this commitment without his help.  Ben, I'm truly grateful, thank you.

And it was an amazing class.

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