Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sept 24th

What am I grateful for today?
The blessings are far too many to number.
Instead, I will speak via some images from our day, celebrating Ostara with a collection of our loved ones (many thank yous to Sarah, for the vast majority of the captures *kiss*).

The hunt, in honour of Ostara.

The act of giving and receiving, in honour of Ostara.
The children were asked, if it felt right in their hearts, to give one of their claimed treasures and in return, receive.

The ritual of intent.
As spring is the time for renewal, for growth, for the manifestation of thoughts brewed, for fertility, we asked our loved ones gathered, to commit to paper the thing or things they wished to see grow in their lives.  They were then offered the opportunity to plant that intention in rich, organic, living, thriving soil, beneath a vegetable seedling in our garden.  The concept being, the seedling and the intent, both planted with love will grow together, supporting each other, nourishing each other, bearing fruit together. 

Many spring blessings to you and your loved ones.
May this season, rich in fertility, bring abundance into your world.

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