Friday, September 16, 2011

Sept 16th

As I was preparing for yoga today (and yes, you do prepare all day - timing of food, hydration, that kind of thing) and it struck me about how much of a non-event it was feeling.  Like, yoga has become akin to brushing my teeth, or showering.  Something I do every day, no biggie.  Gosh!  What a head-space shift!

I was hiding down the back in the corner again, tonight.  Just not feeling like leading, not feeling warrior-strong.  When I mentioned this to my teachers, she said "Ah, up to that stage, huh?".  It's a stage?!  Kinda nice to know I'm textbook.  Gives me a feeling of comradeship.... many have gone before me in order for there to be "a stage".  I like.

So, today is day 16.  Beginning of the second half.  So far, so good, yes?!

What am I grateful for today?
Nothing outstanding really.  Little things.  The sushi guy, knowing our order.  A friendly, familiar face in the shopping centre, giving me an excuse to stop and chat about school next year.  A peer whom I studied with working in the health food shop, allowing me to snap quiz her on funky facts to do with wholistic health that I needed to get my head around.  Strawberries on special.  Mangoes in season.  A day with the best company a mama could ask for (Goose was so scrummy today, I could have eaten her whole, starting with her out-of-this-world-cute toes, if she'd have let me).

A car that works.  A man who happily gives up his evening to hang out with my girl, while I meet my challenge commitment.  Money to buy groceries.  A computer and internet connection to stay in touch with my world.  A body that bends and stretches, without too much pain.  Little things, that make up the eternal gratitude that travels with me everywhere and touches every part of my life.
I am so damn blessed and I know it.

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